Saint George Floyd

I am one of the million
eyes witness
who watched the status quo
dominate + control
conduct their business
as usual
in the name of
a racist innuendo
Make America Great Again

yet from my inferior window
I witnessed a miracle
I watched as the Sky’s opened up
healing waters fall down
covering the descent of Angels
as they cross the bridge
of the Rainbow
Those Souls
whose Stars rose
before your eyes closed
accompanied as pallbearers
to carry the spirit back to its creator
a Martyr

memories will stain our minds
markers human hands intertwine
will be left behind
at the scene of the crime
the place your body was desecrated
unholy ground
will be made sacred
erected and community protected
as the millions of protesters
make their pilgrimage
to the People’s Memorial Space
solace and grace
no well wishers will cast coins here
the protesters demands
will be loudly expressed very clear
Justice Or Else…

We the people, Knight you into Sainthood
R.I.P. (Revolution In Progress) St. George Floyd
Say his name…

Vincent “Tank” Sherrill

Updates from the University of Washington Bothell's Project on Mass Incarceration in Washington State