Prisons change across time and space, structure and agency. The following websites, projects, initiatives and exhibits offer additional information on the history and current realities of American prisons.

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Washington Organizations 

API Chaya

Black Prisoners Caucus

Civil Survival

Colective Legal del Pueblo

Columbia Legal

Decriminalize Seattle

Disability Rights WA

Ending the Prison Industrial Complex

Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together

Freedom Education Project

Hunger Striker Handbook

Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project

Look 2 Justice

Native American Reentry Services

No New Washington Prisons

No New Youth Jail

NW Detention Center Resistance

Post-Prison Education Program

Prison Scholar Fund

Prison Voice WA

Public Defender Association

Smart Justice Spokane

Successful Transition and Reentry (STAR) Program

University Beyond Bars

Village of Hope

WA Community Action Network

WA Corrections Watch

WA Reentry Guide

Creative Arts and Documentary Websites 

American Prison Writing Archive:

The Corrections documentary:

Of Length and Measure: Prison and the American Landscape, photography by Stephen Tourlentes

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes documentary:

Prison Photography, questioning mass incarceration from inside a prison town:

Public Secrets, voices from women’s prison:

Voices from Outside: Critical Resistance / JustSeeds Artists Portfolio, a collection of posters prepared for the tenth anniversary conference of prison abolition organization Critical Resistance:

Undoing Time/ Pledge, co-produced by artist Sharon Daniel and former prisoner Beverly Henry:

Community History and Mapping 

Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks, mapping Illinois spending on incarceration per Chicago neighborhood:

Columbia University Center for Spatial Research, projects on architecture and justice:

Densho, Japanese American incarceration and Japanese internment during World War II:

Justice Mapping Center:

The Knotted Line, an interactive resource examining the relationship between freedom and confinement in American history from 1495 to 2025:

Million Dollar Hoods, UCLA Research Project on social and financial costs of Los Angeles incarceration:

Prison Map, photographing the geography of incarceration in the United States:

Prison Public Memory Project, community-based histories of the complex roles prisons play in society:

States of Incarceration: A National Dialogue of Local Histories of Incarceration:

Criminal Justice News and Analysis 

The Appeal

The Kite

The Marshall Project

Prison Policy Initiative

Sentencing Project



Updates from the University of Washington Bothell's Project on Mass Incarceration in Washington State