CORONA: March Madness

This poem was written by someone incarcerated at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe sometime in March–typically a time for the “March Madness” basketball tournament.

This is not a CORONATION
for some old dusty ass monarch
remnant of an oppressive past
and no College team will be Crowned
NCAA Tournament Champions
This is more like a CORONACH
a dedication poem or psalm
a platinum song
sung by angelic cherubim
as families place gold coins
toll for the boatman
for those who are crossing over
returning home
may your star burn bright
in Night Sky’s
So we will always remember
when the Sun rose to its zenith
reaching its hottest month
in the dead of winter
exposing humankind to a new kind
of ultravirus rays
and misty sprays that preys
on the old and infirmed
affecting millions across the globe
as it grows
and grows
and grows
from epidemic to pandemic
as thousands of bodies
go from hot to cold
under the scalpel and microscope
the forensic scientist
sees the killer face to face
whereby they name it
after its likeness…
But isn’t the Sun
suppose to bring good times
as it marks the beginning of
spring and summertimes?
or if your birthday is 3/5/71
and you love Basketball
March madness
a time for fans to lose their minds
sipping on CORONA and Lime
but instead of celebrating and being together
we are quarantined
and told that Social Distance
is in our best interest
I don’t know about you
but I am a social creature by nature
I’m going MAD in MARCH

Updates from the University of Washington Bothell's Project on Mass Incarceration in Washington State